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on Cataract and

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2023 Cataract Day

December 9th.

Cataract Day is an UNMISSABLE event that will summarize this year's most important and innovative topics in the world of Cataract Surgery .

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How the WWCRS Cataract Day works?

In this online event, the greatest Cataract Surgeons in the World were invited to record a 3-minute video summarizing what they considered to be the most important item of 2023.

The video will be presented during the event and discussed by WWCRS Coordinators. After the video presentation, images, photos and explanations on the topic will be shown.

You will have access to what happened within the main Papers, Congresses and Video Festivals in the World in an dynamic approach, online from your home or hospital.

December 9th. 2023

4AM PST | 7AM EST | 9AM Brazil | 12 GMT |

4PM UAE | 5:30PM IST | 8PM SGT

Entirely Online

Curation and Coordination by the WWCRS team

Confirmed Surgeons and Topics for Cataract Day

David Chang


Amar Agarwal

The Triad - Micro-Cornea Aphakia Soemmerring Ring

Douglas Koch

There is leftover astigmatism not accounted for with current measurements of total corneal astigmatism and IOL tilt.

Richard Lindstorm

Cataract / IOL Surgery in Glaucoma Patient

Lukan Mishev

Horizontal scleral pockets technique for scleral fixation of IOLs

Filomena Ribeiro

Bring "light" to the complexity of IOL optical design (microscope light reflection video showing the complexity of current optical lens designs).

Jod S. Mehta

Presbyopic Treatment in HOA corneas

Gerardo Valvecchia

Show 1 step vitrectomy handpiece. It’s a 27g posterior vitrector to anterior segment surgeons. No trocar need

Arthur Cummings

Helping patients understand the IOL options with cataract surgery in a short 2.5 minute video

Elizabeth Yeu

Handling the Hypermature Lens

Renato Ambrosio

Ectasia Screening for Refractive Cataract Surgery: Why and How

Namrata Sharma

Phacoemulsification in Compromised Corneas

Nicole Fram

Belt loop lasso with proper flange management

Durval Carvalho Jr.

Premium Single Piece IOL in cases of Absence of Capsular Support

Eric Rosenberg


George Kymionis

Combined cataract and corneal transplantation

Boris Malyugin

IOL Formulas in Difficult eyes

The final list of surgeons and their topics is being updated in real time. The complete schedule with all participants will be sent to those registered before the event.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I access the Cataract Day event online?

After your registration you will receive by e-mail detailed information about how to participate on the event online. Full information about complete programing, Surgeons and their topics, direct link to event will be shared in advance to December 9th.

Will I have access to Caract Day content on other occasions besides the day of the event?

The content will be available on demand directly from the event participants area for a limited time after December 9th.

Will I be able to interact with questions during the discussion of topics?

Yes! Registered participans will be able to interact live with event coordinators during topics discussion sessions.

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